There is one thing in life that we all have in common; we each get a little older every year. Birthdays offer a special opportunity to celebrate life itself. From birth, to age 100 or greater, every year we pass another milestone in life. At CREATIVE EVENTS & DECORATIONS we are happy to share in these special celebrations. We offer professional disc jockey and emcee services, to provide a birthday party to remember.

The most crucial part of any birthday party is selecting the best birthday party decorations theme. To make the theme selection process easier and faster we have wide range of birthday themes for all occasion, ages, gender and budgets. Whether it’s the birthday is 1st Birthday or 15th year birthday bash we can handle it all with our unique themes designs.

A perfect birthday party celebration requires a best venue to make the birthday bash comfortable and enjoyable for the attendees. We can do party arrangements either in your home or spacious hotel or function hall as per your budget and no of attendees to the party. For affordable and comfortable birthday party we generally suggest a good hotel which is nearby to your location and attendees.

Our commitment to excellence and unsurpassed attention to detail is the reason you will want us to assist in the planning of your birthday party. We can provide many options in addition to disc jockey service, for this type of event.

We offer options such as contests, party favors, karaoke, and various crowd participation activities. Ask us about the many options available as you plane your celebration so that it becomes a unique experience for you and your guests.



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